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Smart Home Ideas for Apartments

A smart home, at its most basic, is outfitted with technological equipment that can be operated remotely. A proper smart home use WiFi, Bluetooth, or similar technology to remotely control many of your home’s utilities and appliances (such as lighting, entertainment, and HVAC) from mobile devices and, in some cases, a hub in your home.

Smart home ideas for your dream house

Smart Lighting Ideas

  • A single button press activates all lighting in a specified area or floor, rather than just one light.
  • Double-tap the same button to switch off everything in the room (lights, gadgets, devices, etc.).
  • When someone rings the doorbell, lights in your garage flash.
  • When you open the garage door after dark, the outdoor lights leading up to your door and just inside the house turn on automatically.
  • Motion sensors in crucial places can alert the automation system to turn off lights when a room has been empty for a period of time.

Smart Alerts and Notifications Ideas

  • When a garage door is left open, you will receive a text message.
  • Receive an automatic text alert when a troublesome event occurs, such as a basement pipe leak.
  • When the oven is warmed, your smart device will notify you.
  • Instead of staying up late waiting for adolescents to get home, set your bedroom lights to turn on when they enter via the front door. You may even configure it to notify you when the door is locked again.
  • When the kids return home from school, you’ll receive a text message or a push notification.

Weather Control Ideas

  • Set up your blinds and curtains to open and close automatically based on the location of the sun and the occupancy of your home.
  • The “Wakeup” scene opens the curtains, gradually raises the lighting over five minutes, and sets the temperature to your preference.
  • Turn off the heat as you leave for work in the morning.
  • An “Exercise” scene that lowers the temperature for a workout, even putting on a favourite station on TV or starting a personalized music playlist.

Voice Control Ideas

  • “Hey Google, good morning,” gradually turns on the lights, starts a soothing soundtrack, and switches on the kitchen lights. You’re now set to begin your day!
  • “Alexa, turn on party time” drops a disco ball from the ceiling, activates LED colour changing lights, and cranks up the volume on your favourite party song to maximum.
  • Do you require a few more minutes of sleep? “Echo, turn on Sleep With” can close all the shades, lock the doors, start a peaceful song, and assist you in getting that extra hour of beauty rest.

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