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What Is A Smart Home?

Any home with automated Internet of Things devices connected to mobile apps is referred to as a smart home. Users can control a variety of objects in their homes using these IoT devices, including lights, security systems, and appliances. More and more homes are being constructed with automation from the ground up, although theoretically, any home with an internet connection and Internet of Things devices qualifies as a smart home.

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Home Automation Set Up

How To Set Up Home Automation

It’s actually a lot easier than it appears to set up your home automation system. You may either wing it and buy whichever smart home device appeals to you, or you can plan ahead and set up your smart home intelligently by following these simple steps:

Smart home ecosystem: First, decide which “smart home ecosystem” you wish to join, which is most likely Amazon or Google. This will define the voice assistant you select, and which IoT gadgets will operate with your system as a result. Of course, you can use goods that operate with both Alexa and Google Assistant, but remembering which voice assistant to use with which IoT device can be a little complicated, so we recommend sticking to one or the other. Once you’ve determined which voice assistant is right for you, you’ll need to purchase a compatible smart speaker or smart display to get your home automation system up and running.

Control procedure: Next, pick if your devices should interact using WiFi, Z-Wave, ZigBee, or another protocol. Most IoT gadgets operate with WiFi, so if you’re just getting started with a smart home, WiFi will be your most basic option.

Types of products: Next, go room by room and decide which types of products you’ll need, be it security cameras, light bulbs, smart locks, smart switches, control panel, and so on.

Brands: Do some research into the top smart home companies.

Devices: It’s finally time to purchase your IoT devices. We suggest purchasing in bulk because many firms give discounts for larger orders.

Installation: It’s finally time to put the IoT devices where you want them. Most IoT devices allow for self-installation, which means you can do it for free. However, we provide professional installation for the smart security systems.

Customized settings: Customizing the devices to your desire, whether that means putting them on timers, dimming lights, or having them trigger each other. 

Tricom is a smart automation solution provider headquartered in Singapore.

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