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Building Automation System

Automatic centralized control of a building’s HVAC , electrical, lighting, shading, access control, security systems, and other interrelated systems.

Co-working Space

Offer a suite of office-like amenities such as hot-desks, private meeting rooms, kitchens, coffee and more. The flexibility provided by the spaces are a plus in terms of managing real estate and costs.

Building automation solution for co-working space in Singapore.
Building automation system is applicable for medical center in Singapore.

Medical Centre/ Healthcare Centre

Specialized medical centres and outpatient centers have appeared to help ease the burden on hospitals, and more long-term care facilities are rising up to  offer long-term medical care ranging from simple to complex levels of need in an environment built for residents to live in long term instead of just staying a few weeks or months.

Confinement Centre

To have open and private areas for mothers and babies to move around the confinement centre for natural sunlight and breathe in fresh air. The centre should be able to manage any emergencies and well-equipped to meet various needs of the mothers. 

Smart building solution is applicable for confinement center in Singapore.
Smart building automation system is applicable for university and schools in Singapore.


Prioritize the welfare of the workers to ensure that the hostels are conducive and safe which meets the workers accommodation standards. Furnished with full facilities & basic equipment and to ease subsidize the utilities of water & electricity expenses.